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Welcome and Essential Questions

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  • Unit 5 Session 1 Essential Questions






    Welcome to Unit 5 Session 1!  This unit focuses on ways that we read non-fiction texts in order to discover ideas and clarify our thinking. We'll do this through a study of Martin Luther King, Jr., who can inspire all of us. (Check out the "Kid President" video below.)

    Through this in-depth study, we’ll learn more about how researchers read primary and secondary documents, how to take notes effectively, and how to craft complex ideas into meaningful generalizations

    This will be challenging work that helps prepare you for a research paper that you’ll be writing in Unit 6 in which you’ll research your own historical figure in the same way we explore MLK in this unit.  

    Here are a few essential questions we’ll explore in this session:


    • How can I improve my comprehension when reading non-fiction texts?
    • What questions do researchers ask themselves to check their thinking?
    • How do my own biases and beliefs influence my research process?
    • How do I establish and use acceptable, meaningful criteria for evaluating sources and information?