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Session Plan

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     Session Plan


    Welcome to a new unit in English 12!  

    In this unit, we'll complete an in-depth exploration of the life and times of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Along the way, we'll explore lots of strategies for reading non-fiction and thinking like a researcher.  Much of the work in this unit is modeling a process that you'll do on your own with a new research topic in Unit 6.





    Due date

    Point Value

     5.11 Cornell Notes on MLK Bio


    40 points

     5.12 MLK Research Question Discussion


    20 points

     5.13 Primary vs Secondary Resources Discussion


    25 points

     5.14 PEA Questions on MLK Jr Primary Source


    50 points

     5.15 Reflective Journal

      30 points

    Points Possible


    160 points


    Suggested Schedule:

    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3

    Day 4

    Preview session.

    Read MLK Encyclopedia entry and highlight important points.

    After an initial reading, take Cornell notes on MLK encyclopedia entry.  Submit notes for 5.11 MLK Bio Cornell Notes.

    Post initial research questions on 5.12 MLK Research Questions Discussion.   "Like" questions that you think are the best ones.

    Read information on primary and secondary sources.  Post an initial response to 5.13 Primary vs Secondary Resources Discussion

     Read and/or watch interview transcript of King's first television interview.  Take notes and paraphrase.

     Answer questions on MLK's television interview in PEA format.  Submit your paragraphs for 5.14 PEA Questions on Primary Source.


    Finish your PEA paragraphs for 5.14 Questions on Primary Source if needed.

    Continue to "like" research questions that you think are best on the 5.12 MLK Research Questions Discussion and respond to 5.13 Primary vs Secondary Resources Discussion.

    Compose a journal entry on one of the topics and submit for 5.15  Journal.