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Reflective Journal

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  • During this semester, you'll write regularly in a reflective journal that you'll create as a Google document.  You'll use this ONE document for several assignments, and you should share your document with me and give me "edit" rights so that I can add comments to your writing.  



    For your next assignment, compose an initial journal entry for this journal.

    If you are a NEW student, please create a Google document with the title "First initial Last Name Spring 2017 English 12 Reflective Journal," e.g.,. B. Martinez Spring 2017 English 12 Reflective Journal."

    If you are a RETURNING student, please create a new journal document as well -- that will save both of us time in scrolling down through several pages of your previous journal.

    Before you begin writing your first assignment, it's important to know the writing expectations for this course - Point, Evidence, Analysis (PEA).

    1. Watch the below video to learn about PEA

    2.  Answer the following prompt in a Google document (copy & paste the prompt to make it easier):  

    Answer the questions below in a thorough paragraph or two.  Remember, for new students this is my first impression of your writing skills!  


    3.  Your entry should be at least one-half page, single spaced. Note the rubric on the next page where you will submit yourwork.


    New Students (Use this prompt if you are completely new to online learning, JVA, or this English course ): Introduce yourself.  What grade are you in?  Where did you go to school in the past?  Who do you live with and where? What do you do in your free time? What people are important to you?  What makes you unique? Why did you decide to take this course online? What was your grade in English 12 fall semester? Reflect on your learning experience last semester in English (the good, the bad, the ugly..).


    Returning Students: How do you feel last semester went? How would you rate your performance last semester? What did you do well? What can you do better? What is your goal this semester? How can I help you succeed this semester? Be specific.  (If you care to tell me about anything new in your life or particularly enjoyable about your vacation, you can share that, too!)