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Reflect on the Unit

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    Your final task is to reflect on the unit in your Google journal for 4.52 Unit Journal Reflection.

    Write a one-half page entry using the topics below as a guide.

    Think about what you have learned about writing

    • What was your primary purpose in this writing piece? Why did you choose this critical lens?
    • In the end, what did you “uncover”? Were the results similar to or different from what you anticipated/hypothesized?
    • Describe the research/writing process. What went well? What was difficult? How was the research/writing process similar and different to research/writing processes you’ve done in the past?
    • How were the mentor texts useful to you in your writing process?
    • What did you learn about Critical Lens essay? How would you prepare differently in the future?

    Also think about what you learned through reading your book.

    • Which characters seemed most compelling? Why?
    • What lessons can you learn from the characters, setting, plot, or theme?
    • What might our society learn? How does this book serve as a warning?


    Lastly, share anything else you learned whether school related or "life" related.  Share anything you feel that I should know.

    Submit the link to your journal on the next page.