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Checking MLA Format

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  • Your final essay should show your knowledge of MLA format in three areas:

    1.  Your whole paper format (1" margins; left justified margins;  double-spacing;  heading on the upper left-hand side that includes your name, teacher name, class name, and date;  page numbers in the upper right-hand side on each page including the first).  Watch the video linked here or check out Purdue University's page on MLA format.

    2.  Your internal citations (parentheses in the text that include author's last name or brief title OR a mention in the text itself that draws the reader's attention back to the full works cited entry). See the next page for further explanation. If you have only one source (your text), then your internal citations will be only the page number in parentheses at the end of the sentence.

    3.  Your works cited page formatted correctly. This should include your copy of the book you read plus any other resources you included. See the image below.