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    Hopefully you’ve had a few days to let your paper “breathe.”  That’s when you simply don’t look at your paper for a day or two.  It helps you gain a fresh perspective!

    If it helps, look at polished examples from former students by reading critical essays on AnthemFahrenheit 451, and Brave New World.

    After letting the paper breathe, take at least thirty minutes to reread a printed copy of the paper and jot down notes in the margins.  Consider these questions:

    • What’s strong in this draft right now?
    • What could still use work?
    • Does the introduction clearly help the reader understand the topic and where the paper is headed?
    • Does each body paragraph have a clear focus?
    • Does each body paragraph include evidence to support my points?
    • Does the conclusion explain the significance of the analysis?
    • Is the organization of the paper clear?

    Make as many notes and changes as you can.  Your goal is to make this the best draft possible!

    Refer to the rubric below as this is how your work will be graded.