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Session Plan

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     Session Plan




    Anthem readers, this one's for you.



    Welcome to our final session of Unit 4 and the semester!  Please note the change in due date above.

    This is the last session with new materials and assignments.  Remember, you will not have a cumulative course final; instead, yourcritical lens essay is the cumulative unit assessment.

    In this session we'll complete the writing process with editing, revising and then submitting your final critical lens essay into

    You'll also complete a Unit Reflection.  






    Due Date

    Point Value

    4.51 Critical Lens Essay (Submit to


    150 points

     4.52 Unit Reflection


     30 points

    Points Possible


    180 points

     Suggested Schedule:

    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3

    Day 4

    Day 5

    Watch Weekly Update Video

    Complete Initial Revision

    Review MLA format and editing focus on quotations and apply to your essay.


    Review feedback from Ms. Long on your first draft. Make changes as needed. 

    Work on final revision. Use checklist and rubric to confirm you have completed quality work. 

    Submit Critical Lens Essay into for 4.51 Critical Lens Essay.

    Write and submit 4.52 Unit Reflection Journal