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    Your next step for this week is to go to your group’s discussion board and participate in a final discussion on the novel.

    You must post to the discussion board at least three times this week.  

    Respond to at least ONE of these prompts this week:

    • Think back to what you identified as the theme of this novel.  How effective do you think your author was in conveying that point?  Did he or she make the point clearly and effectively?  Why or why not?
    • Ten years from now, when someone asks you if you've read this book, what will you remember?  Which scenes, ideas, or characters will stick with you?  Why?
    • Look at this novel through the lens of a social class theorist.  What relationships and power struggles are most interesting and reveal the most about how social class, power, and money impact our relationships?  What do you think the author wanted to say about social class through this text?
    • Look at this novel through the lens of a gender theorist.  How are the relationships between men and women portrayed in this text? What stereotypes, if any, are used in the author's portrayal of men and women?
    • Lots of current science fiction novels and movies draw from these classic sci-fi novels.  What echoes of your novel do you see in current movies, television or novels? 

    Only posts that meet these qualifications will be counted:

    • Post poses thoughtful, in-depth ideas about the novel
    • Post proves that you are reading the novel and thinking about it
    • Responses to other students expand on the original idea rather than just repeating it
    • At least some responses ask thoughtful questions to keep the discussion moving