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Welcome and Essential Questions

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  • Welcome to Unit 4 Session 3



    Welcome to Unit 4 Session 3.  In this session you’ll continue to explore your science fiction book while giving attention to both reader response and the broader themes of your work. Keep up the fabulous discussion with your peers.

    Here are a few essential questions we'll consider in this unit:


    • Students will Know:

      • Strategies for analyzing a subject.
      • Conventions and qualities of genres studied.
      • Logical order is a method of organizing information by putting details into related groupings.
      • The central idea of a piece of writing conveys a clear topic as well as the writer's perspective or approach to the topic.
      • Details that offer information about the central idea cause readers to recognize and grasp what the writer wishes to communicate.
      • The main idea is the most important point, opinion, or central message that a writer wishes to communicate to the reader.
      • Meaning of terms:  author's purpose, voice, tone, mood.
      • Meaning of terms:  point of view, first-person, third-person.

      Students will Understand that:

      • Writers often engage in personal exploration, seeking to identify, reveal, or clarify ideas for themselves and/or others.
      • Writers often examine the texts of others to gain information and inspiration before making decision about their own writing.
      • Writers present details to both elaborate general statements and draw parameters around the central idea.
      • A writer's voice reveals clues about his/her purpose.



    Students will be able to...

    -Read the next quarter of novel.

    -Use reading and note-taking strategies (outlining, mapping systems, skimming, scanning, key word search) to organize information and make connections within and texts

    -Obtain and use information from text to answer questions in discussion,

    -Analysis and develop meaning through text using literary devices

    -Identify one theme of text and write argument to support claims in text, using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence