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Reader Response Journal #1

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    Now it's time to write a reader response journal.  The requirements are below:

    • minimum of one page in length
    • DISCUSSES (not summarizes) events from the entire 1/4 of the book you are reporting on -- not just what happened in the first few pages of this week's reading assignment or a recap of the previous section
    • demonstrates critical thinking about your novel
    • written in cohesive paragraphs with clear topic sentences

    Different students will approach the reader response journal in different ways.  I am most concerned that you prove you are reading and that you are thinking critically about your reading.

    Above all, please make sure that your reader response is more than a summary.

    Please review the example entry and rubric linked below.   Please write your full page reader response journal entry in your regular Google journal document that you have used for previous reflective journal entries.

    Submit your reader response journal #1 on the next page.

    Here are ideas for what you could include in your reader response journal:

    -What events/ideas have most intrigued you so far in the book?

    -Which people from the book do you most connect with and why?

    -What do you think of this writer’s style?

    -What emotions did you feel as you read this portion of the book?Why do you think this book stirred up those emotions?

    -What has been the most challenging part of the book so far?

    -Would you recommend this book to others?Why or why not? (best to use this topic late)

    -How has this book changed your thinking about this topic?

    You might also use these sentence starters to help you:

    I was surprised when…

    I was confused when…

    It’s unusual that…

    I’d like to know more about…

    The author really caught my attention when…

    If I had been there when that happened I would have…

    I wish…

    I hope…

    I predict…

    I expect…

    I hated when…because

    I loved when… because