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Sci-Fi Group Discussion #2

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  • Sci-Fi Novel Discussion  #2 (first half of the book)



    Now that you've finished half of your sci-fi novel, it's time to get into a more serious discussion of the content.

    Post to your reading group's discussion using the prompt below:

    • Write a one paragraph reaction to the book so far using a reader response lens. (Remember that from Unit 1?  It's all about personal connections to the text.)  What connections can you make to the text so far?  What thoughts and emotions has the action of the book invoked so far?
    You may also want to ask questions on any part of the book that intrigues or confuses you.  Your group members can help each other take your analysis much deeper!

    Finally, go back and respond to at least two other student’s posts (assuming there are that many members in your group!).

    Tip: Keep the discussion moving by asking thought-provoking questions and bringing up controversial issues from the book.

    Scroll on the next few pages and find your novel discussion board.