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Journal: Unit Reflection

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    The end of a unit is a great time to stop and take stock of what you've learned over the previous month.  The place to do this is your Google reflective journal document -- that one document that contains all of your entries this semester.

    For your half-page entry this week, write a reflection on what you have learned in this unit.

    That learning may relate to Shakespearean language, the plot and structure of Hamlet, the different critical theory interpretations of the play, or the bigger themes and ideas of Hamlet. You may have learned about yourself as a learner -- that is, how do you solve problems when you're stumped? What do you do when something is challenging? (Talk about prep for college!) Having a growth mindset can make studying Shakespeare much eaesier. How did you do in focusing on your improvement? You may have also learned something about how you organize to get your work completed.  Finally, in your reflection about the bigger ideas of Hamlet -- why we read in the first place -- you may have gotten in touch with some of Life's Bigger Questions and figured out answers of your own. That's what you should remember, in the long run, about Hamlet.

    In your journal this week, reflect on what you have learned most from studying the play.