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Begin Hamlet Review

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    Now that you've finished reading the play, it's time for us to review.  In this session, you'll be taking a multiple choice and short answer test that will ask you to reflect on some of the core themes of the play and also practice applying critical theory to the play.

    Take some time to review now following the steps below.

    Step 1:  Gather together, review, and print these assignments from Unit 3.  You may refer to them while you work on the test!

    • Session 1:  Hamlet, Useful Terms 
    • Session 2:  3.24 INSTRUCTOR NEEDS TO LINK CLASS DOCUMENT (have it open)
    • Session 3:  3.31 Quote Analysis Table;  3.32 Hamlet and Marx

    Step 2:  Think about some of the key ideas from Hamlet.  Consider what quotes and arguments you could use to discuss these core ideas.  Below are a few to get you started (Shmoop is a great resource for thinking through these.)

    • death
    • family
    • gender
    • revenge
    • honesty

    Step 3:  Watch the videos below for a great review of Hamlet and some of the key scenes.