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Session Plan

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    Session Plan Unit 3 Session 4




    Welcome to the final session of our Hamlet unit!  In this session, we'll wrap up our study of Hamlet with a class discussion, a study guide review, and a final unit exam.  As part of your test, you'll also have the opportunity reflect on your learning in Unit 3. 

    Looking ahead, you'll need to declare and obtain a book for Unit 4Scroll down.





    Due Date

    Point Value

     3.41 Hamlet Discussion


      40 points (25 point rubric x 1.6)

     3.42 Hamlet Final Exam


     150 points

     3.43 Reflective Journal


     30 points

    Points Possible


     220 points



    Suggested Schedule:

    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3

    Day 4

    Day 5

    Preview the entire session. Arrange to get your book for unit 4. Compose a initial response for 3.41 Hamlet Discussion.  Begin reviewing Hamlet study guide materialls.

    Review Hamlet study guide materials.  

    Complete 3.42 Hamlet Final Exam

    Add your first follow-up post for 3.41 Hamlet Dsicussion


    Add your second follow-up post for 3.41 Hamlet Dsicussion

    Compose journal entry for 3.43 Reflective Journal

    Catch-up day for missing assignments