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Finish Reading Hamlet

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  • Reading Acts 4 & 5





    My Reaction

    Act I Scene 1

    Barnardo:How now, Horatio, you tremble and look pale.Is not this something more than fantasy?What think you on ‘t?


    This seems to be a major idea of the whole play—whether or not the ghost is real or if it’s some sort of fantasy.The trouble is that several people see it so it has to be real!


    Today finish reading Hamlet, and finish the Quotation Analysis.

    Continue your quote analysis table that you created earlier in the session. (I also created a Google template below).

    Use the No Fear Shakespeare version of Hamletthe MIT Hamlet, or your own copy and read Acts 4 and 5 of the play.

    The journal should be formatted like the example on the left and you should have at least 12 quotes evenly distributed from Acts 4 & 5 as well as your responses. 

    Since you'll be looking at social class theory later in the session, you may want to include some quotations that would be of interest to a Marxist. You'll also find plenty to work with in terms of theme.

    You should think about this chart as being in a modified PEA format. The quote column is your evidence. The reaction column should include your point as well as analysis explaining why the evidence/quote supports your point!