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    Your final assignment for this week AND NEXT is to create a study guide for use during Hamlet.  (Note that this assignment is available for TWO weeks so you can focus on the full play.  You will see this assignment again in session 3, but you only need to complete it once.)

    This study guide will be created with the rest of the class in a wiki, which is just a website that's easy to edit.

    Each student must make at least 3 significant contributions to the wiki.   A significant contribution will be one of at least 150 words.  

    For example, a student might add a character description for Rosencrantz, a summary of Act 2, and a study guide question for Act 2 along with an answer.  Each contribution is worth 15 points for a maximum of 45 points total.  

    After each contribution include your (Your first name Last name initial).  For example, (Laura L.)

    The wiki will include these sections:

    • background information on Shakespeare
    • list of characters in Hamlet along with detailed descriptions of each character
    • list of tough vocabulary from the play; each word must be defined and include a citation for where it is in the play
    • summary of each scene in each act of Hamlet
    • list of study questions for each act of the play (can be copied from another website as long as the question is also answered in your own words)
    • list of themes found in Hamlet with supporting details on why they're themes. Why are these themes still important today?
    • list of websites with helpful information on Hamlet along with 2-3 sentences describing the website and why you think it's helpful
    • summary of reviews of various movie versions of Hamlet (2-3 sentences each max)
    • images from movie and play versions of Hamlet along with a 2-3 sentence explanation of what scene it is showing



    To access the wiki, follow this link: INSTRUCTOR NEEDS TO CREATE WIKI PAGE AND LINK HERE


    Once you've made your wiki contributions, click to the next page and let me know which pages I should look on for your work! 

    Don't forget to add your name to each contribution in the Hamlet Wiki - ex. (Laura L.)

    Watch the video linked on the bottom for help in adding to the Hamlet Wiki.  It was created for another course, but it still applies here.