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Gender Theory "Advice Column"

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    Pretend you are an advice columnist who has a feminist or gender theory perspective (Remember that from Unit 2?)

    You have just received this letter from Hamlet: 

    Dear Abby, 

    My name is Hamlet. I've just been visited by a ghost who claims to be my father. He says that my uncle killed him so that he could steal the throne of Denmark and marry my mother. I'm not sure if I should trust the ghost or not. 

    To make matters worse, I tried talking to my mother about the situation and wound up killing my ex-girlfriend's father. What should I do? 


    Write a 150 word response for the discussion board that follows and tell Hamlet what he should do next.

    Remember that you're responding from a feminist perspective. Words like men, women, sexuality, status, roles, differences, and equal access will help your response!

    Post your response on the discussion board and then respond to two peers.