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Welcome and Essential Questions

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  • Unit 3 Session 2



    Welcome to Unit 3 Session 2!  In this unit we’ll continue with our study of Hamlet.  You’ll read Acts 2 & 3 of the play, show your understanding with a quiz, interpret the play through a gender lens, study Hamlet's most famous soliloquy, and expand your knowledge by completing a class wiki.

    Here are a few essential questions we'll consider in this session:


    • What was the author trying to make us feel, see, and believe?
    • Why consider the viewpoints in a text? How does reading help me understand others’ experiences?
    • How do I determine what information to retain, remove, combine and restate when note-taking?
    • How does note-taking help me summarize and synthesize the message or theme of literary work(s)?
    • What are my options for stretching, compressing, and focusing my interpretations of an authors message or theme? Is one option better than the others? Why or why not?
    • How do the generalizations and conclusions that I form and draw from various literary works stretch, compress, and focus my perspective?

     In this session:

    -You will read and comprehend Acts 2 and 3 of Hamlet.

    -You will summarize information from Acts 2 and 3 of Shakespeare’s Hamlet that includes alternate views, rich detail, well-developed paragraphs, and lines of logic.

    -You will synthesize information to determine the messages or themes of Hamlet and explain why they are still important today.

    -You will use note-taking techniques to organize information for summarizing and synthesizing Act 2 & Act 3 in Hamlet.

    -You will analyze and relate Hamlet through the perspective of gender theory.


     Let’s get started!