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Session Plan

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    Session Plan: Unit 3 Session 2




    Welcome to another session in English 12.


    In this session, we'll continue reading Hamlet and explore some of his motivations for behaving the way he does in the play.

    Let's get started!



    Due Date

    Point Value

     3.21 Quotation Analysis Act 2


     40 points

     3.22 Quotation Analysis Act 3


     40 points

     3.23 Acts 2 and 3 Quiz


     30 points

     3.23B Gender Theory Discussion


     25 points

     3.24 Reflective Journal


     30 points

     3.25 Hamlet Wiki


     45 points

    Points Possible


     130 points



    Suggested Schedule:

    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3

    Day 4

    Day 5

    Begin reading Act 2  and 3.21 Quotation Analysis Act 2

    Continue reading Act 3 of Hamlet and 3.22 Quotation Analysis Act 3

    Take 3.23 Hamlet Reading Quiz Acts 2 & 3

    Post your advice column for 3.23B Gender Theory "Advice Column"

    Respond to peers on the 3.23B Gender Theory "Advice Column" discussion board.

    Compose entry for the 3.24 Reflective Journal

    Respond to peers on the 3.23B Gender Theory "Advice Column" discussion board.

    Begin creating pages for the 3.25 Hamlet Wiki.  Keep a copy of your responses to submit (today or later next week) to submit for assignment 3.24 Hamlet Wiki