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    Your last step for this session will be to answer five short answer questions reviewing Act I of Hamlet.  Submit these responses on a document of your choice. You should have at least 3-5 sentences answering each question and your responses should be answered using the PEA method (Click here to watch a tutorial on PEA, if you have't already).

    1. Describe the mood that Shakespeare creates in the opening scene of Hamlet, when the ghost first appears. What specific words and actions create this mood?

    2. Who is Polonius? What is his relationship to Claudius and to Hamlet? Explain his feelings about Ophelia’s relationship with Hamlet and the reasons behind those feelings.

    3. Based on Hamlet’s comments in act 1, what would you say are his feelings toward his mother’s marriage? Cite specific lines to support your answer. Why do you think Hamlet keeps these feelings to himself?

    4. Do the events of act 1 suggest to you that the ghost of Hamlet’s father is real or just a product of Hamlet’s imagination? Explain.

    5. Based on Hamlet’s relationships with his mother, Claudius, and Horatio, do you think he will be successful in carrying out the wishes of his father’s spirit? Why or why not?


    Questions are taken from Glencoe’s Hamlet Study Guide: