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Reflective Journal: Opening the Door on Hamlet

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    Hamlet definitely has some crazy situations! Anticipate your reading by exploring these situations.

    For this week's journal, you'll pretend to be in ONE of these situations and see how you might react.  Select TWO (2) questions to answer in two well-developed paragraph using the PEA method (Click here to refresh your memory on PEA).  You'll add these to your reflective journal, the same Google document you started in the introductory unit.

    1. Your father dies and your mother remarries soon after the funeral. She marries your uncle, a man you never liked. He wants you to stay home rather than go back to college where you were when your father died. How do you feel? How would you behave toward your mother? Toward your stepfather?

    2. Your father dies suddenly, under suspicious circumstances. One night his ghost appears and tells you he was murdered by a close family member. In addition, he expects you to avenge his murder. Would you trust the ghost? How would you check out his story? What would you do about bringing the murderer to justice?

    3. You are a young woman very much in love with your boyfriend who, you have always believed, returns your love. You are confident that one day you will marry each other. But your father and brother insist that you are only being "used" and tell you to break off the relationship. Do you follow your father's orders or do you follow your heart? How would you know whether or not your father and brother were right in their beliefs?

    4. You are a woman who remarries soon after your husband's sudden death. Your son hates your second husband and believes that he might have been involved in your late husband's death. Would you believe your son? What would you do?

    5. You are in love with your brother's wife, and you are pretty sure that she loves you too. You know that your brother will never agree to a divorce. What would you do?