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Overview of Plot and Themes

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  • As you begin reading Hamlet, I want you to be able to focus on the writing and the storyline as much as possible. It can be helpful if you have a general understanding of the plot already (and this is one of the best legitimate uses of literary notes like Shmoop and Sparknotes. To help with that, watch this "Crash Course Hamlet" video below. It will help you gain a better understanding of the play and its themes.

    Note: This video contain spoilers (information that will tell you what will happen later in the play), but with the richness of Hamlet, you'll appreciate much more of the literature by having a heads-up on this complicated plot.
    Assignment Directions:  When you are finished watching the videos, complete the chart labeled Hamlet: Plot and Tragedy.  For part 1, explain what kinds of things you will expect to happen in EACH Act, 1-5. Use the information from the video as well as from the last screen.  Keep this document handy as you'll explain your understanding of tragedy in part two. You'll submit the assignment in the drop box.