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Session Plan

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    Session Plan






    Welcome to a new unit in English 12!  In this unit we'll be reading Hamlet and exploring how critical perspectives (from Unit 2) can help us analyze literature.  

    I realized that some students have read Shakespeare before and feel confident reading Shakespeare, while others have NOT worked with Shakespeare in the past and need more guidance. I will do my best to accommodate both needs





    Due Date

    Point Value

     3.11 Hamlet Plot and Tragedy


     30 points

     3.12 Reflective Journal


     30 points

     3.13 Quotation Analysis


     40 points

     3.14 Review Questions (extra credit)


     (15 points)

    Points Possible


     120 (135) points


    Suggested Schedule:

    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3

    Day 4

    Day 5

    Watch Weekly Update Video and preview session materials. Read information pages in Monday folder. Watch the videos for Structure and Plot. Complete 3.11 Hamlet Plot and Tragedy.


     Review the resources provided in the lesson. Print character chart, study of language, etc. for use while reading. Compose 3.12 Reflective Journal. 

    Read Act 1 of Hamlet as you track quotations to include on 3.13 Quotation Analysis

    Read Act 1 of Hamlet as you track quotations and submit 3.13 Quotation Analysis


    Review act 1. Answer the review questions for 3.14 Review Questions.