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Continue 2.33 Project on Critical Theory

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  • Critical Theory Project



    For the final project in this unit on critical theory, you’ll demonstrate your understanding of critical theories and what it means to read a text using a different lens. 

    Choose ONE of the projects below and submit on the next page.  This project will be worth 120 points, graded based on the quality of the project and how well you demonstrate your understanding of critical theories.

     -Choice 1:Critical Discussion Pretend that two friends have just finished watching a current movie (one you’ve seen!) and they’re discussing the movie afterward.  One of the friends focuses their interpretation of the movie on gender theory.  The other wants to talk about it using social class theory.  What kind of conversation do they have?  Write out a 1-2 page dialogue between them.  Then use Go!Animate (a free tool) or another web tool of your choosing to create a cartoon of their interaction.  Submit the link to your video on the next page.

    *(Optional)Working with a partner - This option could also be done with a partner. If you choose to work with a partner, the dialogue must be 2-4 pages long.  If you have a partner in class with whom you'd like to work with, message/email me before you start working.  If you'd like to work with a partner, but don't know anyone in class, please contact me and I'll work to match-up students. 

     -Choice #2: Critical Theories:  In this unit, we’ve learned about reader response theory, gender theory, and social class theory but there are lots of other critical theories to consider.  Research another critical theory and create a Powerpoint, Prezi, or video in which you EXPLAIN the critical theory and APPLY it to a book or movie.  Other theories you might consider are postcolonialism, deconstruction, psychoanalytic, historicism or new criticism.  Share the file in the dropbox on the next page.

    -Choice #3: Applying Theory:  In this unit, we’ve looked at one critical theory and one short story in each session.  However, it’s completely possible to apply multiple theories to a single short story. Read the short story attached below (“The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber”) and complete an analysis of the story from all THREE theories we’ve learned in this unit: reader response, gender, and social class.  Each analysis should be at least two paragraphs long.  Show how you could look at the same story through three different lenses.