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  • Social Class Theory and “A&P”





    Now let's apply what we've learned about social class theory.

    Read the short story “A&P” by John Updike (attached below).  As you read, pay very close attention to the social class of all the various characters.  It might even be helpful to keep a list or print the text and highlight as you read.  You're looking for rich customers, poor customers, managers, and workers.  Then think about their interactions.  How does social class play a role in the story?

    In your Google reflective journal respond to ONE of the following prompts in a response of approximately one-half page of text. Our goal is to think about social class and how it impacts this story. 

    Be sure to include the question to which you are responding.

    -What economic class do you feel you belong to? Is your class represented in the story?

    -What can you tell about someone's social and economic class from what they wear?

    -What can you tell from what they buy? Do you think that Sammy is making unfair assumptions about the girls in the A&P?

    -How much of Sammy's fascination with Queenie comes from her social class? Would the story be different if the bathing-suit girls were all from his social circle?

    (Questions adapted from

    If you finish today, you can submit your response the drop box.