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Introduction to Gender Theory

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  • Introduction to Gender Theory




    In our last session, we talked about reader response theory.  It’s a critical theory that’s all about you.  For reader response theorists, the most important person in the reading process is the reader and his or her experiences. 

    This week we’ll explore gender theory and feminist critics

    For gender theorists and feminist critics, the most important thing in a text is the gender roles of the main characters and how gender impacts the way the characters interact with each other.

    Although there are quite a few differences between gender theorists and feminist critics, for the purposes of this study, we'll look at both together.

    Let's begin now to explore the resources linked below to learn about gender theory.


    Copy_Prompt_57e7c9912751e.PNGBegin by creating a copy of the Google document linked below, the document titled "2.21 Gender Theory Notes. As you click on the link, it will prompt you to make a copy for your own work.

    Below are six different links exploring gender theory, feminist criticsm, and key ideas in understanding gender. 

    -Skim each source and take notes on the most important ideas you find.  You'll be submitting this later in the session.

    -You should have a minimum of a half a page of notes in your own words.  You’ll want to be sure that you have a detailed understanding of gender and how it is perceived in gender theory.

    -Your gender theory notes are worth 30 points