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Journal: Influential Experiences and Perspective

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    This semester, we'll use critical theory to explore the meaning of literature based on different views and frameworks, e.g., gender, social class, or psychoanalytic lenses. We're starting with "reader response theory" which puts the spotlight on you and your experiences, so journaling is a good place to start.

    Our backgrounds and experiences shape the way we view a wide variety of narratives and situations -- so much so that Colorado Public Radio created a Public Insight Network where anyone can share experience to shape the news that is reported. Undeniably, the way we view the world -- and the "baggage" we bring to literature -- reflects our experiences related to race, gender, religion, age, socioeconomic class, health conditions, profession, education, political alliances, etc. 

    Spend about 20-30 minutes writing in your Google journal document (the same one you created in the orientation and developed in unit 1) and respond to this journal prompt:

    Describe three of your significant life experiences, situations, events, or other factors that have shaped the way you view the world. Explain each situation, factor, or event in enough detail that someone who "has not been there" can begin to understand your reality.

    Then take one piece of literature that you have read or a movie you have seen and explain how your background influenced the way you interpreted the meaning and point of that work.