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Short Fiction Terms Applied to a Movie

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  • Practice with Short Fiction Terms




    Your next step is to apply a few of the terms from the last screen.  

    1. Pick FIVE of the terms and apply them to your favorite movie. If you choose the more basic terms of character, plot, setting, or theme, be sure to reference some of the more specific terms within those categories, e.g., flat character, implicit theme, etc.

    2. Explain how that term applies in the movie with 3-5 sentences EACH.  (8 points per term)

    3. Submit on the next page.


    Example for “Aladdin” (do not use this movie for your assignment)


    Protagonist:The protagonist in “Aladdin” is Aladdin himself and his love interest Jasmine.Aladdin is a thief who has the good fortune of finding a magic lamp.Jasmine is the sultan’s daughter who meets Aladdin by chance in the marketplace.


    Setting:The backdrop setting for “Aladdin is a large town in the middle east somewhere.It seems to be in the fairly distance past since the characters use horses as transportation.


    Theme:A core implicit theme in “Aladdin” is that you cannot judge a book by its cover.In this case, Aladdin is an honorable character who must steal in order to survive.


    Flat Character:In “Aladdin”, Jafar is a flat character.He has an overwhelming desire for power and everything he does is driven by his ambition. His situation changes, but HE, as a character, changes very little by the end of the movie.


    Situational Irony:At the end of “Aladdin” the evil character Jafar ends up shoved in a lamp to be a genie.His goal throughout the entire movie was to gain power and in the end he winds up incredibly powerless, just like the genie he tries to exploit to gain his power in the first place.