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Welcome and Essential Questions

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    Welcome to Unit 2 Session 1!  This unit is all about short stories as well as something you've probably never studied before--critical theory.  Basically, critical theories give us a lens to use when we're studying literature.  They can help us get to a much more in-depth understanding of a piece of literature.

    In session 1 you will review basic short story terms and apply them to your favorite movie.  You'll also learn about reader response theory (the first of three critical theories we'll study) and apply your new knowledge to the short story "The Sniper."

    Here are a few essential questions we'll consider in this session:


    • Why and how does reading change my thinking?
    • Why do readers make sense of texts in different ways?
    • How does a text affect my perspectives?  How to my perspectives influence my understanding of a text?
    • What was the author trying to make us feel, see, and believe?
    • How do I determine what to retain, remove, combine, or restate when summarizing or synthesizing?