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Review and Reflect: Journal Assignment

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    Today we're wrapping up a three-week unit in which you have (hopefully) learned real-world skills needed for the various types of application. 

    Take some time now to reflect and write in your journal about what you have learned as this helps the leraning "stick."

    In your first paragraph, discuss what you learned through this unit. It might be a specific writing skill, e..g., transitions or concision. You might have learned what's expected in a resume or what the common application is. You might have learned about the PROCESS -- what was easy, where you got stumped and why. You also might also have learned something about yourself, e.g., how challenging it is to have confidence and put yourself "out there" or your ability to anticipate what an audience wants. Whatever you felt you learned most, describe this.

    In the second paragraph, describe your "next steps" toward mastering this application writing genre. How can you improve your application writing in the future? What can you do in the future to improve your candidacy for jobs, scholarships, and academic programs? What questions do you still have about the process? How will you find answers to those questions?  

    For your journal, use the same Google document you created in the Orientation and Introduction Session and just add a new entry with a title.

    Submit the link to that Google document / journal on the next page.