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Editing and Final Review

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    It's important for you to have knowledge of rules for editing and punctuating standard English, and Edgenuity helped you focus on one particular convention.  Now use other resources to make sure your application writing is perfect.

    One easy way to check your paper for grammar is to use an online grammar checker.  Visit and copy and paste your draft into their online grammar checker.  If Grammarly identifies mistakes, correct those mistakes in your final draft.  

    You may also want to request that a parent or teacher review your draft with you for grammar errors.

    When you feel that your paper is fully revised and edited, you may proceed to the next page to submit the final draft (worth 120 points!).  You’ll want to be sure you review the rubric and make sure that your text is as perfect as possible.  You can find the rubric attached on this page as well as the assignment page.