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    We’ve looked at your vocabulary from two lenses now: how professional it is and how beautiful it is.  Today, let’s look at another type of language: transitions.  Transitions are any time you add words, phrases, or sentences to your writing that help bridge the reader from one idea to another.

    Sometimes a transition can be as simple as adding a word to the beginning of a paragraph that creates a relationship between the ideas in the last paragraph and the ideas in this paragraph.  Here are a few example transition words although, usually, first, finally, as a result, therefore, thus, besides, also, again, incidentally, generally, likewise, in other words, later, with this in mind, in conclusion.  Words like this signal to your reader how one idea is connected to another.

    Sometimes transitions are slightly more complex.  You might add a transitional sentence to the end of a paragraph that connects the core idea of that paragraph to the idea you’re sharing in the next paragraph.  Or, you might add transitional sentence to the beginning of a paragraph to help your reader transition to the ideas in that new paragraph. Complex sentences usually give you the opportunity to make these shifts in ideas.

    Take a moment and review your application writing for transitions.  Add a few transitions that help make the writing smoother.  You should still have Track Changes on in your word processor.  If you need some example transitions, check out the handout below.