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Vocabulary and Registers of English

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    Our first few steps in this session will be to revise your application writing to ensure it’s as strong as possible. 

    Note:  You’ll be using “Track Changes” on your word processor during all the revisions you make in this session.  Then, you’ll turn in the revised version of the paper for a revision assignment.  Make sure you find Track Changes in your word processor before you begin work on the paper!  Follow the links for directions for your word processor:

    The first lens we’ll use to evaluate your application writing is the lens of vocabulary.   In writing for application, it’s critical that the vocabulary you use is appropriate as well as engaging.

    In application writing, you’ll want to be sure that the language you use is in primarily formal English. In formal English, you keep your language professional.  Slang and contractions should be eliminated.  You want to convey to your audience that you are professional and thoughtful, maybe even mature beyond your age.  Although you may use slightly less formal language in a college essay as you try to convey who you are, you still want to find a way to maintain a professional stance throughout.

    Take a look at the handout attached below from Purdue’s Online Writing Lab on what makes appropriate language, especially the section on registers of English.  Then, review your initial draft of your application writing.  Turn on “Track changes”  (usually under the Review menu) and edit the text to make sure all the language is appropriate and professional.