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Session Plan

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    Session Plan




    Welcome to a new session in English 12!  In this session, you’ll work on editing and revising the application writing that you began in session 2.  For students who completed session 2A, you’ll focus on perfecting your resume and cover letter.  For students who completed session 2B, you’ll focus on perfecting your college essay.



    Due Date

    Point Value

    1.31 Revision Assignment (with Track Changes)


    50 points

     1.32 Application Writing Discussion


     30 points

     1.33 Application Writing Final Draft


     120 points

     1.34 Journal:  Unit Reflection


     30 points

    Points Possible


     220 points


    Suggested Schedule:

    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3

    Day 4

    Day 5

    Preview session. Learn how to use Track Changes. Complete vocabulary and figurative language revisions. 

    turn on Track Changes. Complete transitions, concision, and conclusion revisions. 

    Review once again and submit revision assignment 1.31.

    Resolve changes in your draft and post to the application writing discussion 1.32.

    Provide feedback to two other students on the application writing discussion 1.32

    Review the rubric and make final revisions and edits to your draft. 

    Submit your final copy for 1.33 Application Writing Final Draft.

    Review the unit and reflect on the process in your Google journal. Submit your entry for 1.34 Reflective Journal