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1.25 Real World Query: Extra Credit

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  • Is there such a thing as "extra credit" in the so-called "real world"? Maybe or maybe not, but here is one OPTIONAL assignment to get you actively engaged in planning your future.

    For up to 20 points of extra credit, you'll interview an experienced mentor who can offer sage advice about the steps you'll be taking in the future.  

    Select a person qualified to give you advice related to your personal goals (family friend, acquaintance from a community group, neighbor, Warren Tech instructor, employer, counselor, someone connected to one of these networks, etc.)  If you have just drafted a resume and cover letter, then choose someone who is working in a field that interests you. If you have just drafted a college application essay, then select someone who has attended college, preferably in the past ten to fifteen years. 

    Develop a list of at least five (5) open-ended questions (NOT questions that can be answered with only one word) designed to elicit advice on the job search process or college application and selection process.  

    Job seekers might ask questions such as "What qualities do you value most in entry-level job candidates and why?" "What do you notice most about a candidate in an interview and why?" or "Please describe the most challenging interview situation you have faced.  How did you respond?"

    College applicants might ask questions such as "How did you compensate for any weaknesses, e.g., poor grades, when you submitted your college application?" "How did you determine the culture of a college in order to tailor your college essay to that audience?" or "What was the most important factor in deciding on your college and why?" 

    The goal here isn't to get answers to any particular set of questions but rather to give you the opportunity to develop your oral communication skills (which many of you referenced in your introductory journal!) while gaining valuable advice from those who have traveled this road before you.

    Submit your five open-ended questions, a full transcript or audio recording of the person's response, and the name/contact information for the person you interviewed.  You'll see up to 20 points added to your "Assignments" score.