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Session Plan

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    Session Plan





    Welcome to Unit 1 Session 2A.  This session is specifically built for students who will be entering the workforce in the next year.  We'll be focusing on how to write a great resume and cover letter.

    Note: If you're planning on attending college in the next year, you should complete Unit 1 Session 2B, focused on the college essay.

    Let me know which session you've chosen and I'll add you to that group so that you only see one set of assignments.



    Due Date

    Point Value

    1.21A  What Works in Job Hunting? Discussion


     25 points

    1.22A  Resume Draft


     40 points

    1.23A  Cover letter Draft


     40 points

    1.24A  Concision Exercise


     20 points

    Points Possible


     125 points


    Suggested Schedule:


    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3

    Day 4




    Post to 1.21A What Works in Job Hunting discussion board on what makes a good resume.

    Read the resume article.

    Be sure you can answer the resume article questions.



    Draft your resume using the Resume Generator.  Submit for 1.22A Resume Draft.


    Read the cover letter article.

    Draft your cover letter and submit for 1.23A Cover Letter Draft.



    Respond to the 1.21A What Works in Job Hunting Discussion. 

    Review "concision" guidelines and complete eight sentence revisions for 1.24A Concision Exercise.