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    Welcome to Unit 1!  In this session, we'll be exploring a type of writing that everyone has to do at some time: application writing.  In this first session, we'll explore what types of writing fall in this genre and how you know if you've written something high-quality.





    Due Date

    Point Value

     1.11 Writing for an Application


     25 points

     1.12 Best-Guess Gathering: Writing for Application

     50 points

     1.13 Always/Sometimes/Never: Writing for Application 

     30 points

     1.14 Rank the Applicants Discussion

     40 points (25 points x 1.6)

     1.15 Concision Exercise

     30 points

    Points Possible

    175 points

    Suggested Schedule:

    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3

    Day 4

    Day 5

     Make an initial post to 1.11 Writing for Application discussion

    Find an example resume for assignment 1.12 and write a rationale for why it's a good resume.

    Make 3 follow-up posts for 1.11 Writing for Application discussion.

    Find an example cover letter and college application essay for assignment 1.12 and write your rationales. Submit assignment 1.12 Best Guess Gathering.

    Review the video on writing a brilliant college application essay and read the linked sources.

    Complete 1.13 Sometimes, Always, Never chart and submit.

     Review the three resumes in 1.14 Rank the Applicants.  Decide on which one you'd hire and post your choice and rationale to the discussion board.

    Make 3 follow-up posts on 1.14 Rank the Applicants.  Who do your classmates think should be hired?

    Decide whether you will proceed to Session 2A (Resumes and Cover Letters) or Session 2B (College Application Essays).

    Complete 1.15 Concision Exercise.