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The Great Gatsby: Chapter 7 (ES 2, 3)

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    Read chapter seven of The Great Gatsby on Actively Learn.

    There will be no questions to answer. Instead, consider the events that take place in chapter seven. Are there any events that stand out to you that really support the argument Fitzgerald is trying to make with his novel? What about the rest of the book? What events were "building blocks" for Fitzgerald's arguments in the novel and why?

    Directions: Identify the events throughout the novel that you think support Fitzgerald's argument concerning the downfall of the American Dream. (If you haven't considered how the morals of people fall into this argument yet, do so because that plays a role.)

    Use these events to map a timeline that depicts the development of Fitzgerald's arugment in the novel. This timeline map should identify the events AND  each event should have an explanation for why that supports Fitzgerald's argument. Your timeline should include big "turning point" events, but also small events that help in the development too.

    To create your timeline you can use Timeline on the ReadWriteThink website,, Word, or you can draw it up by hand. If you chose the hand drawing, make sure I can read your explanations OR submit a word document with your explanations on it.

    Submit your timeline to the dropbox when you are done!