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Chapter 6 of The Great Gatsby: Reviewing Characters

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  • Reviewing Characters

    • Novels trace the development of characters who encounter a series of challenges. Most characters contain a complex balance of virtues and vices. Internal and external forces require characters to question themselves, overcome fears, or reconsider dreams. The protagonist may undergo profound change.
    • As we examine theme as argument, the profound change a character undergoes can be a big support in the argument an author is making.


    In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald explores characters in relation to their landscape, their wealth, and their prior relationships. The more we know about these characters, the more their lives shift from idyllic islands of wealth to colorless portraits floating through a “valley of ashes” with “grotesque gardens.”


    Think about this as you read chapter 6. After reading, review the how the characters where in previous chapters. In the assignment for chapter 6, be prepaired to discuss the development of the characters and the change the characters may have undergone.