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Literary Devices: Figurative Language

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    • Literary devices can be employed by authors to help build an argument as well. Specifically, figurative language is used. 
    • Writers use figurative language such as imagery, similes, and metaphors to help the reader visualize and experience events and emotions in a story. In addition, they can create comparisons for the reader so that they realize there is an important similarity between two things.
    • Think about how this would be helpful in supporting an argument.
    • Do you think your audience would find it helpful if you "painted a picture" for them? 
    • Would people be more willing to join your side if they could experience it?
    • Would they be better able to see your side of an argument if there were some comparisons they could consider?

    The answer to all of these questions is...YES!

    • Sometimes, figurative language will be used on its own to make a point in the argument an author is making. However, often times it is used to assist in developing characters and settings. As we have seen in previous lessons, these greatly help to build the argument an author is trying to make. 
    • For the discussion that follows, take a look back at the previous chapters. Find some examples of figurative language. Be prepared to discuss how that builds on Fitzgerald's argument.

    Image source: Image: Fitzgerald