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Unit Overview

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    Unit Overview

    The purpose of this study is to advance students’ facility with sophisticated strategies in premises, purposes, and propositions in a variety of works. Students will analyze and implement argumentation methods. Students will justify and document evidence and present their arguments effectively to an authentic audience.


    Standards Focused On

    • Standard 2: Reading for all Purposes Prepared Graduates: Seek feedback, self-assess, and reflect on personal learning while engaging with increasingly more difficult texts. Demonstrate comprehension of a variety of informational, literary, and persuasive texts. Interpret how the structure of written English contributes to the pronunciation and meaning of complex vocabulary.
    • Standard 3: Writing and Composition Prepared Graduates: Write with a clear focus, coherent organization, sufficient elaboration, and detail. Apply standard English conventions to effectively communicate with written language.
    • Standard 4: Research and Reasoning Prepared