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Extended Argumentative Writing

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    • Now that we have covered some important elements of persuasive writing, it is time to put them into action. You will get three days for the assignment to follow. Due to it being a longer writing assignment, you will not have a blog to complete and the assignment will be due on Friday when you normally submit your blog.
    • The prompt for your persuasive writing that you will do this week is on the right. I have attached the rubric at the bottom that will be used to grade you. It's the same rubric we have been using.

    What you will be required to do for the next assignment:

    After reading the “Gettysburg Address” by Abraham Lincoln, write a short essay that analyzes the text for how ideas, language, and structure are developed in defense of fundamental human rights, providing examples to justify your analysis. Focus on the development of a specific, precise claim with relevant details from the text using a logical, effective arrangement strategy. 

    Essentially, I want you to:

    Write a persuasive essay, using one of the arrangements we have covered, that discusses how Lincoln defends fundamental human rights by developing ideas, language, and structure in his speech.


     James M. McPherson, a Civil War historian, has argued that Lincoln's address was the "foremost [argument] of freedom and democracy and the sacrifices required to achieve and defend them."

    HINT HINT: Freedom and democracy are "fundamental human rights"!!!

    To help with the essay, it will be good to have a little background on the "Gettysburg Address". Use the links below to get some background on what was going on when the speech was given and the speech itself.

    Video 1: The Background/Context

    Video 2: The Speech Itself

    Now, listen to the speech and read along.