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Rogerian Arrangement Assignment (ES 2, 3, 4)

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  • For this assignment you will create an outline for a Rogerian arranged argument over the topic of illegal immigration.

    Download the assignment that is attached. When you have completed it, submit it to the dropbox.

    Use the outline for a Rogerian arranged argument that was covered in the previous lesson to help you. So you don't have to go back to the previous lesson, I have included it here:

    Rogerian Outline

    1. Introduce the problem and show why you and your intended audience are affected by the problem.
    2. Then the writer begins with exploring the common ground she or he shares with the audience.
    3. In the body of a Rogerian argument, the writer gives an objective statement of her or his position while trying to avoid loaded and attacking language, and trying not to imply that this position is somehow morally superior to the audience’s position.
    4. The writer explains the contexts in which his or her position is valid and explores how they differ from the audience’s.
    5. In the conclusion, the writer finally presents his or her thesis, usually phrased in such a way that shows the audience that the writer has made some concessions toward the audience’s positions.