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Analyzing an Argument with Toulmin

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  • Not only can the Toulmin arrangement to help with organizing an argument, but it can help us to analyze others arguments as well. Watch the video to the left to see this in action on an advertisement. The beginning of the video goes over Toulmin completely, if you think you have it down, then skip to 3:56 in the video to see  the analysis of the advertisement with the Toulmin arrangement.


    • Go to the following website to practice using the Toulmin arrangement to analyze an argument:

    Analyzing with the Toulmin Arrangement Self Practice

    • Please note that you will not turn this in, it is simply to be used as a "self check" and practice.
    • The next assignment asks you to use the Toulmin arrangement to analyze an argument. If you think you still don't know much about the Toulmin arrangement, then check out THIS VIDEO for more explanation.
    • It might take you a couple days to complete the next assignment, please keep this in mind.