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Arranging Arguments Introduction

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    What is Arrangement?

    • As we've discussed, an arrangement, to put it simply, is the organization of an argument. The organization of an argument can play a bigger role than you think. How persuasive your argument is can often depend on the arrangement.
    • When deciding on an arrangement, it is important to keep in mind the intended audience as well. If your audience doesn't like the arrangement of your argument, they won't like your argument period.
    • Arrangements also help us, as readers or listeners, to analyze an argument as well. Knowing the arrangements lets us identify parts of the argument and come to a conclusion on the argument ourselves. Refer back to our webinar this week for more discussion on this.

    Arrangements for Argumentative/Persuasive Writing

    There are many ways you can organize an argument. There are three that are the main types people use though, and these will be the three we focus on. They are:

    • Toulmin
    • Classical
    • Rogerian

    This week we will focus on Toulmin and then we will move onto classical and Rogerian.