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Final Quarter Essay: Requirements For Your Paper

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    You will need support texts in order to complete the final piece of writing for the quarter. They are located on the next couple lessons.

    For this paper your writing should address the following prompt:

    After reading “Demeter’s Prayer to Hades” by Rita Dove (with additional support texts of a biography of Rita Dove and the myth of Demeter and Persephone), write an essay that analyzes the piece through the one literary theory that best fits this work, providing examples to justify your analysis. Then in a second draft, revise and edit.

    Requirements of the paper:

    • MLA format.
    • Meets rubric requirements. (See attached rubric.)
    • Addresses all aspects of the prompt.
      • In order to meet all aspects of the prompt, you will need to submit a rough draft, and then a final draft. I should see some changes between the drafts. You may submit both drafts into the same assignment. This will be discussed in the "Quarter Final Essay" assignment.

    To clarify the prompt: you should pick ONE theory that we have covered that you think is the best one to analyze the piece of writing. For example, you might pick the Feminist theory and use it to analyze "Demeter's Prayer to Hades." Then you you will use specific evidence from the text to support what you are saying.

    Remember that the theories are perspectives. Focus your essay on telling me how that theory would view the piece of writing (this would be your analysis) and then support that with evidence.