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The Introduction (ES 2, 3, 4)

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  • As stated before, the introduction paragraph introduces the reader to your topic, hooks their attention, and has a good thesis statement (the thesis statement should be one sentence that tells the reader what the point of the paper will be).

    Watch the videos below to understand how to write a good introduction. Please note that the videos are writing about topics that we are NOT writing about for this essay.


     This video was made for a college, but contains information we can use for our class as well.

    Next, browse the links I gave you in the "What does good writing contain?" lesson again concerning the introduction paragraph:

    Writing an Introduction 1

    Writing an Introduction 2

    Creating a Thesis Statement

    After watching the videos and looking through the links, it is now time for you to write the introduction to your paper. Remember to address the prompt:

    After reading an excerpt from The Help by Kathrynn Stockett, analyze the piece using both the Feminist Literary Theory and the Marxist Literary Theory, providing examples to justify your analysis.


    Submit your introduction paragraph to the dropbox when you have completed it. I only want to see your introduction.

    I have included the excerpt and the rubric for your reference.