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What Does Good Writing Contain? What Does the Teacher Look For?

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  • Good writing will have everything contained within the 4 point section of our rubric! If you haven't become familar with it yet, see it in the slide show below and you can always find a copy in the "Resource" folder located in the "Quarter 2" folder.


    Good writing will also contain the following:

    1. It will be in MLA format.
    2. It will have an introductory paragraph.
      • Introduction paragraphs introduce the reader to your topic, hook their attention, and have a good thesis statement (the thesis statement should be one sentence that tells the reader what the point of the paper will be).
    3. Have body paragraphs that contain evidence and support your thesis statement.
      • Body paragraphs are the "meat" of your paper. They contain the bulk of your argument or what you are trying to say.
    4. Have a conclusion.
      • Conclusions wrap up your paper and leave the reader satisfied with what you have said.

    Check out the links below for resources on each of these elements. These links will also be in our "Resource" folder.