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"The Mask of the Red Death" (ES 2, 3, 4)

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  • You will now read "The Mask of the Red Death" by Edgar Allen Poe. You will find the story embedded below. You can scroll through it, or click on the story and use your up and down arrows to scroll through the story as well. I have also attached the story below as a PDF and as a Word document so you can download it as well.

    As you read, keep in mind the social status of the author, and consider how you would answer the questions Marxist Critics try to answer:

    • Does the text reflect or resist a dominant ideology? Does it do both?
    • Does the main character in the text affirm or resist dominant class values?
    • Whose story gets told in the text? Are lower economic groups ignored or devalued?
    • What values does it reinforce and what values does it degrade?
    • Are values that support the dominant economic group given privilege? 
    • What social classes do the characters represent?
    • How do the characters from different social classes interact?

    What you will turn in

    Download the attached worksheet. Read the directions and when you have completed the worksheet, submit it to the dropbox.