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Feminist Literary Theory Expanded

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  • Feminist Literary Theory

    When we examine a text with the Feminist Literary Theory, we take on the role of a feminist and how they might view the text. Feminist cirtics wish to show society:

    • The errors of ways of thinking concerning women.
    • That literature and society have frequently stereotyped women as angels, barmaids, prostotutes, brainless housewives, slaves, helpless ladies, or old maids.
    • Women must break free from such oppression and define themselves.

    View the video below to get a better understanding of Feminist Literary Theory.

    When we examine a text using Feminist Literary Theory, we want to ask ourselves the following questions:

    • How is the relationship between men and women portrayed?
    • What constitutes masculinity and femininity according to the text?
    • What are the power relationships between men and women (or characters assuming male/female roles)?
    • How are male and female roles defined?
    • What does the work reveal about the operations (economically, politically, socially, or psychologically) of patriarchy?
    • What does the work say about women's creativity?

    It is important to note that when using any theory to examine a text, we try to keep out our personal views, and examine the text according to the theory.